Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The people have spoken

The voting is now over. Aria it is. And here she is herself.

Name: Aria Milliandros
Age: 20
Gender: Arian
Height: 5'3"
Hair: Blue, always pulled back into twin pigtails
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Priestess of Ariana
Bio: Since as long as she could remember, she has lived at the temple of Ariana. Her mother was a cleric of the temple before her and taught Aria the ways of peace and compassion. Her mother had always been a frail woman, prone to illness and disease. When Aria turned 10, her mother came down with a serious illness from which she never recovered. Aria vowed to her mother on her death bed that she would follow her mother's path and care for the follows the Goddess Ariana loves so much. She understands the need for action, but she cannot bring herself to be the one to cause it, only to heal or help those who can.

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